joselyn dumas

@ Home With Joselyn Dumas Premieres Today on Viasat1

Viewers of Viasat1 can catch the beautiful Joselyn Dumas; host the exciting @ Home With Joselyn Dumas series every Wednesday and Thursday.

@ Home With Joselyn Dumas is a brand new concept in talk show filmmaking, featuring a number of on-screen personalities including Michelle Attoh and Joselyn Dumas hosting different seasons with some of the finest guests from across the continent.

Filmed in Europe, Africa, and USA, each guest is invited to one of the hosts’ homes across the globe for a no holds barred informal interview of unearthed gems and topics.

Viewers enjoy the show’s varied guests as they share their passions and successes with the world in a unique form of dynamic story telling.

Catch it every Wednesday and Thursday at 5PM on Viasat1

Source: Yaw Sarpon | YS360


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