Yaw Sarpon @ BlogCamp 2013)

Yaw Sarpon to Join Other Bloggers at BlogCamp2014 Tomorrow


I have always loved the concept behind BlogCamp – a day-long gathering of most often than not Bloggers in Ghana under

one roof. I managed to be at last year’s event for the first time and this year’s event is also on tomorrow.

I can confirm that without doubt, I will be at this prestigious ceremony once again.

I envisage far beyond getting to know about blogging in that I also see it as a necessary environment for establishing new bonds and strenthening old once.

I also got to know that i was only a man in my own home after listening to some contributions from fellow BlogCampers including most especially that of this homo sapien and tech-geek  Sena Richard Quarshie a.k.a Roiskid (the brain behind EVnet). I think am better now thanks to some tutorial videos and texts.

So yes, tomorrow I will be at BlogCamp2014 and don’t hesitate to say hi ‘cos I will try and do same. Call me Yaw Sarpon.

By: Yaw Sarpon


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