Hammer: Stop Mocking Castro’s Death

Ace Ghanaian music producer, Hammer of Da Last Two has charged a section of people in the society  who have reduced Castro’s death to public ridicule put a stop to that.

He made reference to the death of late Ronny Coaches, Komla Dumor and Fennec Okyere who were all not mocked after their death but Castro .

He also rhetorically asked “what is provoking all this insensitivity?”

Below is the full statement from the music producer:

“What is provoking all this insensitivity… Ronny and komla died of health reasons and we mourned without disdain. Fennec was murdered in cold blood and the whole country screamed why! Yet Castro meets his demise in an accident and it’s a circus of judgement and mockery online and offline. Why? Boys for dey guard… What nonsense is this,” he said.

Story by: Yaw Sarpon


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