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MUSIGA Joins TUC Demo Today

The Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) will join the Trades Union Congress (TUC) on Thursday to demonstrate against economic hardship in the country.

The TUC announced last week that it will embark on a nationwide demonstration on Thursday, July 24 against economic challenges workers and Ghanaians as a whole are facing currently.

The TUC has said the demonstration is inspired by the current hikes in petroleum prices, the fall of the Ghana’s cedi against major trading currencies and high cost of living.

MUSIGA president, Bice Osei Kuffour (Obour), who is currently in the US, confirmed in an interview with Myjoyonline.com that the musicians union is a member of the TUC and therefore will take part in the demonstration.

Myjoyonline.com has intercepted a letter of invitation, signed by Deborah Freeman, General Secretary of MUSIGA, urging musicians to join the demonstration Thursday.

The letter said: “Come as a MUSIGA member and a good citizen of Ghana in red and black (dress code). Demonstration will take place on Thursday 24th July, 2014.”

Read the full letter below:

Fellow Musicians and members of MUSIGA. Besides, MUSIGA being an affiliate of the Trade Union Congress (Ghana), which covers its members, we are all good citizens of mother Ghana; therefore please follow this!

Organised Labour has noted with shock and total disbelief, the astronomical increases in the ex-pump prices of petroleum products announced by the NPA recently. The ex-pump prices of premium and LPG have been increased by 23.08 percent, respectively.

These increases have far-reaching effects on prices of a wide range of goods and services. And they are coming at a time when Ghanaians are faced with very difficult economic conditions.

Organised Labour finds no economic or social justification for the upward spiral in the prices of Petroleum products that the NPA and government continue to force down the throat of Ghanaians. Given the rapid fall in the value of the Cedi, the Organised Labour maintains that the current pricing formula for fuel punishes consumers and must be reviewed! A subsidy regime on petroleum products is necessary.

THEREFORE: On behalf of the council of informal workers Associations of TUC((Ghana), I would like to invite you to join workers as we demonstrate our frustrations against the hikes in petroleum prices and high cost of living in this country.

Come as a MUSIGA member and good citizen of Ghana in red and black (dress code). Demonstration will take place on Thursday 24th July, 2014.

We will converge at Circle Obra spot at 6: 30 am and jam through to the TUC head office near Accra Polytechnic, where the Secretary General will give his address and proceed to the Min. Of Employment and Labour Relations to submit our petition to the Gov. Through the Minister.

Please don’t miss out, come one, come all. It’s our right to demand for better Economic conditions.

See you! From Deborah Freeman, for CIWA of TUC (Ghana).

Source: myjoyonline

VGMAs: Joey B receives Hyundai Elantra Prize Package

Midland Savings and Loans has presented a brand new Hyundai Elantra to Joey B (of Tonga fame), for winning the New Artist of the Year at this year’s Ghana Music Awards. Continue reading VGMAs: Joey B receives Hyundai Elantra Prize Package

MUSIGA: Dr. Paa Bobo is Not Dead

The Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) have debunked rumors that highlife legend Dr. Paa Bobo is dead. This was made known in a statement copied to YawSarpon360.


The Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) wishes to inform music enthusiasts, fans of the legendary Dr. Paa Bobo and Ghanaians in general that the highlife great is alive, contrary to news making rounds about his demise.

The Union, which has been in close contact with the musician and the family, can confirm that he is alive and recuperating.

Dr. Paa Bobo has been ill for a while and on admission at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital and the Doctors are working tirelessly to ensure that the highlife legend gets better and recovers fully.

MUSIGA therefore entreats the public to treat with contempt and disregard news about the death of Dr. Paa Bobo.


Ghanaian Dancers Must Have A Visible Industry to be Successful

As a Celebrity Blogger and Publicist mainly on showbiz issues in Ghana and around the world, I have come across countless number of dancers especially in Ghana who lament over the somewhat wretched life they are living in the society.

However, I am told Ghana Dance Ensemble represents Ghana’s Dance Industry but I stand to be corrected, most of my colleagues will attest to the fact that they are only seen performing at national functions and other events, if my thought serves me right.

They (dancers) usually compare what their colleagues outside the African continent are earning everyday for performances and other endorsement packages. The likes of BLOK Pro Dance Troupe of Scotland and London-based CEO Dancers who have made it and still making it in life as professional dancers always ring the bell.

The ONLY advice I can give is that dancers in Ghana must have a definite or visible industry; an industry where there will be the right structures in place by taking a clue from what the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) has done by bringing most of the musicians in the country under one umbrella. I need not talk much about the structures you have to put in place. Why? Because it is your field and you know best.

MUSIGA through their charge for support from the government of Ghana has yielded a very positive result which has got to the extent that they and other showbiz industries in Ghana are now included in the yearly budget by the government in every fiscal year.

Their calls I would say paved way for the addition of Creative Arts – which embodies art and entertainment to the somewhat newly created Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts.

Even before dancers in Ghana set up this industry, I must also admit that exhibiting some sense of discipline or professionalism in terms of fashion, timing and branding are key to the success of every personality which dancers are of no exception.

So what will make dancers in Ghana successful? I have TWO WAYS for you.

  1. Create a well structured industry like the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA).
  2. Show professionalism and discipline in the dance field.

Story: Yaw Sarpon